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Make Your Breakfast Healthier With Haldirams Rusk

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels up your body and kick-starts your metabolism. However, your busy schedule often makes your breakfast bear the brunt of it. Blaming the maniacal frenzy attached with your hectic lifestyle is not going to do any good, but improving your food habits surely can.
Haldiram’s Nagpur, one of the leading manufacturers of Indian sweets and snacks offers a number of food items so that you don’t have to leave home with an empty stomach. The company firmly believes that the customers should not make any compromise on their health and strives to ensure the same.

The Haldirams Rusk is packed with a number of essential nutrients and makes for the perfect breakfast. It is a good source of Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrates and Protein. It is available in four different flavors- Jeera, fruity,milk and elaichi. The company ensures appropriate measures to pack them in hermetic packs in order to retain their crispy taste and flavor.
Haldirams Nagpur has expanded its product lines to match the taste of various segments of the society. It has become synonymous with the quality Indian Snacks, Savouries & Sweets. Earning the title of ‘India’s Most Trusted Brand’ in 2003, the company has established benchmarks of quality in its field. Apart from the exclusive recipes and high quality products, variety is the key reason behind the company’s popularity. From sourcing raw materials to their conversion into finished products, every process confirms to the International norms (HACCP) of Quality & Safety. The food items are manufactured in-house under proper supervision by family-led teams. The company has a number of in-house manufacturing units for every sweet and savory item which is closely monitored by its skilled management.
Start devouring and enjoy your breakfast with the exclusive Haldirams Nagpur Rusk like never before.

Haldirams Namkeen With Different Flavours

Haldirams Nagpur earning the tite of “India’s Most Trusted Brand” in 2003.

Ingredients :

Tapary Beans Flour (Moth),
Edible Vegetable Oil, Chick peas Flour,
Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Clove Powder,
Black Pepper, Dried Ginger Powder,
Cardamom, Bay Leaves,
Nutmeg & Cinnamon
May Contain Peanut, Tree nuts,
Gluten & Sesame Seed

* Nutritional values per 100g

  1. Energy : 591 kcal
  2. Carbohydrate : 36.90 g
  3. Total Fat : 43.85 g
  4. Protein : 12.09 g
  5. Fiber : 0.55 g
  6. Cholesterol : Nil

* These are approximate values

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Ingredients :

Potato, Edible Vegetable Oil,
Chickpeas Flour, Potato Flakes,
Tapary Beans Flour (Moth), Salt,
Red Chilli Powder, Black Salt,
Acidity Regulator & Antioxidant (E330),
Black Pepper, Clove, Cardamom,
Dry Ginger Powder, Garlic Powder,
Sugar, Cumin Powder, Bay Leaves,
Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Mint Leaves
May Contain Peanut, Tree nuts,
Gluten & Sesame Seed
* Nutritional values per 100g

  1. Energy : 579 kcal
  2. Carbohydrate : 42.43 g
  3. Total Fat : 42.31 g
  4. Protein : 7.16 g
  5. Fiber : 0.48 g
  6. Cholesterol : Nil

* These are approximate values

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Ingredients :

Chick Peas Flour,
Edible Vegetable Oil, Potato,
Potato Flakes, Tapioca Starch,
Salt, Red Chilli, Sugar, Tomato Powder,
Coriander Powder, Black Pepper, Clove,
Dried Ginger Powder, Onion Powder,
Cardamon, Nutmeg, Bay Leaves,
Lemon Powder, Garlic Powder,
Black Salt, Cumin & Acidity Regulator
& Antioxidant (E 330)
May Contain Peanut, Treenut,
Gluten & Sesame Seed
* Nutritional values per 100g

  1. Energy : 579 kcal
  2. Carbohydrate : 42.43 g
  3. Total Fat : 42.31 g
  4. Protein : 7.16 g
  5. Fiber : 0.48 g
  6. Cholesterol : Nil

* These are approximate values

Haldirams Peanut Chikki Has Incredible Health Benefits

Peanut chikki is one of the most loved sweets of winters – although it’s eaten throughout the year. Haldirams Nagpur peanut chikki is made from best quality peanuts and jaggery.
Peanuts are good source of energy and are packed with health benefiting minerals, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants that are vital for good health.

Here are some of the health benefits of peanut chikki

1. Cholesterol

It increases good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol in the body. Peanuts contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases.

2. Growth

Peanuts are good source of proteins. The amino acids present in them are excellent for development and growth of the body.

3. Fights Stomach Cancer

Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants are present in the peanuts in high concentrations. P-Coumaric acid is known to reduce stomach cancer risk by curbing the creation of carcinogenic nitrous-amines.

4. Fights against Alzheimer’s disease, Nerves Diseases, Heart Diseases and various infections

Jaggery is produced from unrefined sugar, and is obtained by boiling concentrated, raw sugar cane juice till its solidification. Even though jaggery is also made from the sap of date palm and coconut, Haldirams Nagpur uses sugar cane juice more.

5. Aiding digestion:

Peanut chikki aids digestion and prevents constipation. It enhances the digestive enzymes present in our body, thus resulting in proper digestion of food. That’s why people eat jaggery after a meal.

6. It acts as a detox

Jaggery cleans the liver by flushing out harmful toxins from the body. The peanut chikki is loaded with minerals like selenium and zinc, which help prevent free-radicals (responsible for early ageing).
The Haldirams Nagpur reviews tell us how much their product is loved by people. Their peanut chikki comes brings along health benefits with incredible taste.

Haldirams Quality Policy

HALDIRAM FOODS INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LTD. are dedicated to manufacture & deliver a variety of Sweets (Sweetmeats), Namkeens (Savouries), Papad, Pasta, 2D & 3-D Snacks (Extruded Foods), […]

Haldirams Nagpur All Set To Make Your Winter Delectable With Its Wide Range Of Winter Delights

The winter season has a peculiarly pleasant vibe and nothing can surpass the feelings of warmth that this season brings along. It is one of the most-awaited, beautiful and vibrant seasons in our country. Haldiram’s Nagpur, one of the leading manufacturers of Indian sweets and snacks believes that it is the best time to relish your taste buds with scrumptious cuisines. The season brings along a festivity for the taste buds.

Haldiram’s has a special range of winter delights which can make anyone fall in love with the season all over again. The company is all set to make your winters delectable. The exclusive range of range of ‘winter delights’ introduced by the company includes gajak jaggery khasta, till laddu, gajak jaggery dry fruit and peanut chikki. All these tantalizing food items are sure to lure away the hearts of sweets lovers and break the vows of all diabetics. So, choose the one that suits you and your taste buds the best. You can also gift it to your loved ones and wish them a happy winter.

As the winter season comes with a baggage of craving for the food not cooked at home, Haldiram’s Nagpur makes sure that the food it serves is made with home-like cleanliness. Every measure is ensured by the company to keep its customers healthy as they relish their favorite winter delicacies.
So what are you waiting for? Come and relish your taste buds with these appetizing delicacies this winter season.

An Insight Into A Few Bizarre Facts About Haldirams

Haldirams Nagpur is one of the leading manufacturers of Indian sweets and snacks. The brand which started originally as a shop in Bikaner is now pioneering the food snack industry. With years of genuine service, it has become an indispensable part of our lives. Haldirams offers a wide range of products